Kids Bring Energy to Ceremonies

  • By Cindy
  • Mar 14th, 2018
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Kids were always going to be part of Ashley and John’s wedding.

“We never imagined our wedding without kids – it was a way that we could incorporate different generations into our special day. And who doesn’t love seeing an adorable flower girl dropping petals?!? Or a dapper ring bearer escorting two lovely beauties. Family is the the core of our foundation and being able to incorporate each of them into our wedding party was what made our day so unforgettable.,” said Ashley, who married John at the beautiful Nobel Chapel at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy.

We love — and when I say love, I mean that with capital L-O-V-E — filming kids at weddings. Most of the time, their energy and good spirits are infectious, and there’s always that delicious anticipation wondering if they’ll make it down the aisle.

Plus, little ones are ALWAYS — again ALL CAPS for emphasis — the first ones on the dance floor, which often helps some guests get over their shyness to get down.

Wrangling kids: A planners’ perspectives

Meredith Sipe, owner of Blue Fancy Events in Milwaukee, thinks it’s a great idea to include children.

“The more the merrier when it comes to including little ones in your wedding ceremony (ahem . . . for some couples),” she says. “As we all know, kids can be unpredictable . . . especially kids under the age of 4. Little “Suzy” might decide to stand in the middle of the aisle for a couple of extra minutes, and “Bobby” might throw a fit and refuse to walk all together. For some brides and grooms to be, this can be cute and heartwarming, but for some it can add a level of unneeded stress. If you’re okay with a little uncertainty, bring on the little ones!”

Brandy Blackford of Sweet I Do planning offers this tip: “Find out their favorite snack at the rehearsal and bring it to the ceremony in a cute package. Show them who will have it or where it will be waiting when they get down the aisle. Works every time!”

Kids from a photographer’s perspective

Tiffany Grace Linden, a photographer at LT Visuals Photography, encourages couples to have realistic goals.

“Don’t expect them to stand the whole time! Especially if they’re really little,” she said. “Station a parent/grandparent/close family friend who can sit with the child near the front and let them sit down after they’ve walked in.”

Age can make a huge difference, says Courtney Jackson of The Charming Details: “Don’t pick super young children and expect them to get down the aisle. LOL! All the 2-year-olds in past wedding never make it!”

Sweet Pea’s advice on kids

Here are our own 3 tips on having success with kids in your wedding:

  1. Keep expectations low! If they make it down the aisle, great. If not, no worries … and make sure to have a kiddie wranger (mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents) ready to swoop in if they can’t figure it out or if emotions are getting the best of them.
  2. Pair kids! In the video we share, there’s the most adorable pair of boys and girls walking together. We all like a little support, and that’s no different for kids!
  3. Consider nap time when setting your ceremony time. If your heart is set on having really little ones in the formal festivities, consider setting a ceremony to accommodate naps — that will help not only the kids, but parents, too!

Are you planning on including little ones in your wedding ceremony? If so, will they carry signs or flowers? Will they bring the all important ring? We’d love to hear how you’re incorporating them in your big day!


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