Betsy + Doug: Hitting all the right notes in this Door County wedding

If we were writing a libretto of Betsy and Doug’s Door County wedding, it would be something in Gilbert and Sullivan oeuvre. Light, fun and definitely romantic.Opera was on our mind the entire weekend, because — true fact! — the groom sings opera. In four languages. And everyone said he does it quite well.So, of course, we wanted Doug to sing for us on camera. And you bet we asked. At least twice. And even bugged his brothers to see if they could get him to sing for us.But Doug stuck to his primary role as groom, not entertainer. So no arias in this sneak peek.That left us with no choice but to resort to Plan B: recording Doug — oh, and Betsy, and all the guests at their rehearsal dinner — singing a prayer of thanks before the meal.It was such a lovely moment, particularly the harmonizing at “Amen,” that we decided it should lead their sneak peek. Because it wasn’t just a prayer. You see, that communal song of thanks spoke for the whole weekend. Betsy and Doug seemed so blissfully happy to be getting married (after 9 long years, according to all in attendance) and they also seemed genuinely thankful to be sharing the moment with each and every one of their wedding guests.We’ll get you all the details from this cast for their full film, but we can’t stop talking about the work of Jerad and Josh from Buds n Blooms Design Studio of Green Bay. Seriously, we have never seen floral arrangements and accents as bountiful and yet utterly chic. And the accent piece of  two antique cherry-picking ladders festooned with Edison bulbs cast an elegant glow on the head table. Pure genius.Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor, as always, outdid itself (thank you Amy and Allie!), and it was our pleasure to work with the super talented Erin Jean of Erin Jean Photography. What a fantastic creative partner Erin is, as well as her husband Adam.And with that, we hope you enjoy this quick look into Doug and Betsy’s lovely wedding.Cheers,Cindy