Courtney + Tom: It all adds up for this wedding

Ok, ok. I sure hope Courtney and Tom have a great sense of humor, because the title of this blog is a little tip to their profession, but it also speaks directly to their connection as a couple.That’s to say that this couple has it going on. Gracious hosts, fun-loving personalities and a solid game plan for their future.Plus, they know how to throw one heck of a party!We are in the midst of editing their “Sneak Peek” film trailer, but we couldn’t help sharing a few freeze frames to show the incredible beauty of this wedding. (Please stay tuned for a link to the high-quality images that will be coming from  Gueller’s Photography by the talented team of Mary and Ryan, who are absolutely a dream to work with and whose photographs will blow these little frame grabs out of the water!)All the details will be coming soon, but let’s just say that we adored Courtney’s whole ensemble, and we think Tom had a similar reaction. The venues — Holy Family Church — was as light-filled and welcoming a worship space as anyone could ask for, and the always-amazing Osthoff Resort delivered on topnotch decor, food and service.And the band? Knocked our socks off! Best wedding band we’ve ever filmed. Ever! We’ll be talking a lot more about The Connexion Band out of Chicago when the Sneak Peek video drops.So stay tuned and like us on Facebook if you want to see all the beauty, action and fun from Courtney and Tom’s big day.Cheers!KissAs bride prep wraps up, we get a glimpse of our stunning bride.Ready for the church.Tom gets his first glimpse of his wife to be as she walks up the aisle.The newlyweds find their way to the Palm Garden Ballroom at the Osthoff Resort.John Legend's "All of Me" was the track to their first dance.Can it get any more romantic in here?Rockin' it.Rockin’ it.details