Downtown Milwaukee Wedding Film: Barb + Tom | God was hinting at me

I don’t think you can find another couple as equally devoted to each other and their faith as Barbara and Tom.Instead of a first look, these two had a “first Mass.” On the morning of their wedding, Tom picked up Barbara, and they drove to Old St. Mary Church in downtown Milwaukee for the 7 a.m. service. They couldn’t think of a better way to start their wedding day, and as they walked through the doors of that stately church, the bells in the tower began to peel as if to say: Today is their day!These two had circled around each other for years, attending young adult Catholic functions in the Milwaukee area. But it wasn’t until a short while ago, that Tom, who is an accomplished musician and vocalist, began to notice Barb anew at his weekly musical devotions. He said it so eloquently at their reception: That he began to feel a pull toward Barbara at those music-filled weekly services. And on the rare occasions when Barb didn’t attend, Tom said he felt a void. And he knew that God was pointing him in a specific direction. To Barbara.

My direction was always getting pulled in her direction. And I like to think that it was God’s subtle way of saying, “This is someone I want you to pay attention to.”

The wedding mass at Our Lady of Divine Providence, St. Casimir, in Milwaukee’s Riverwest area was presided over by Fr. Luke Strand, a dear friend to the couple and leader, like Tom, in Arise, a local parish mission organization. Music was plentiful, as no doubt a Mass scripted by Tom would be.The reception at Joey Buona’s, with it’s giant windows, filled with a beautiful setting sun as family and friends gathered close. Several bridal party members stepped up to the microphone to talk about the qualities that make Barbara and Tom such a great couple: devotion to the Lord, devotion to each other, and deep care for family, friends and the world around them.We loved producing this wedding film, and wish these two an incredible life together!Cheers,Cindy

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