Uniting Souls with Skittles at Pier Wisconsin

When two souls unite, it’s glorious to witness. And when Skittles are involved, can it get any better?

First, let’s discuss the uniting of souls. That part began years ago, when Asha and Kyle met in medical school. But it wasn’t until years later when these two Wisconsinites reunited and sparks really flew.

They tied the knot in late September at Pier Wisconsin in the Pilot House and later welcomed guests to a gorgeous on the grounds later that evening.

Kyle was a full participant in the Hindu religious rituals, including arriving in a truly unique way during the baraat. We’re fairly confident no other groom has arrived by boat with the “007” theme cutting through the airwaves.

Asha, who had been up well before dawn, looked stunning in a ruby-colored sari picked out just for the ceremony. Just moments before her uncle walked Asha down the aisle, as is the custom in Hindu weddings, four nephews gave the bride her own special entrance as they bore signs with cute sayings, such as “Has anyone seen the rings?” which were as cute as they are.

Hindu Wedding Rituals

If you’ve never experienced a Hindu wedding before, make sure you get yourself invited to one sometime soon. The rituals are intricate and meaningful, from the presentation of pure foods, blessings from waters of the Ganges River, to many people wrapping their tongues around the Hindi language for the first time. We loved the fun game the priest had Asha and Kyle play toward the end of the ceremony with the prize of finding a wedding band.

And let’s not forget about those Skittles! One of the traditions in a Hindi wedding is that the couple feed each other little sweets. Usually, the sweets are traditional delicacies, but the couple’s Hindu priest decided to modernize this rite and substituted the brightly colored candies, which gave everyone a moment to laugh.

Uniting Souls at the Reception

Promptly after the ceremony, all those little newphew attendants made off with Kyle’s shoes only to return them after a ransom was paid.

After serving guests a banquet of Indian delights from Chicago, the wedding couple returned to their hotel to get ready for the evening’s reception, as well as changing into their party clothes. They made a grand entrance into the Bartolotta tent following both sets of parents. Once the cake was cut, a romantic first dance found these two wrapped in each other’s arms while Etta James belted out “At Last.”

Perhaps that’s why Asha’s father, Nalin, teased his new son-in-law by asking why it had taken so long for Kyle to pop the question. But then he quickly welcomed Kyle into the family, a place he’d already fit comfortably in for some time.

We hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek as much as we did in creating it, while we wait to finish their final project in a few months.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

The Team

Videography: Sweet Pea Cinema

Planner: Evenement (Thank you, Maya)

Photographer: Heather Cook Elliot

Venue: Pier Wisconsin