Moments of a Lifetime: Episode 2

Weddings often bring out the very best in everyone.And why not? It’s a gathering of family and friends to wish two people well on their official start in marriage. Moments big and small.Weddings also often inspires people to grand gestures: meaningful toasts and speeches, sentimental gifts and, yes, sometimes very creative performances.We’ll get to those incredible toasts and gifts in other blog posts, but this missive is all about performances at weddings. And we’re going to start you out with one of our favorites from last year at the wedding of Chandra and Davon.We were so glad to have been there to record a stunning and emotional duet from the bride and groom during the processional. Yes! During the processional!! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!This moment was so spectacular, in fact, that we led their Cinematic Film with it because it had such power, and of course, beauty. The start is what you’re seeing in the clip.We wouldn’t have changed a thing (well … except we would have moved the DJ’s mic pack on Chandra to a more hidden location, as well as the mic on Davon! But those are some of the crazy things you have to roll with during live event videography. It can be a challenge to manage every aspect of the shoot!)Here’s how the moment unfolded. The location — at Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum — made for a perfect stage, with its Mediterranean-style veranda and a priceless view of Lake Michigan. All of the guests had taken their seats. A wonderful soloist had finished “I Found Love” by BeBe Winans and the bridal party stood flanking the terrace.Davon takes a moment to compose himself, and you can hear the anticipation in his breath. Then, he begins to sing:

“From the moment I saw youFrom the moment I looked into your eyesThere was something about you I knew, I knew …

Beautiful words from the All 4 One song, “Beautiful As You.”Like all the moments we record, we’ll let this one unfold, as it should, in real time in the video. Congrats, again, to the newlyweds who we know will have a marriage that will be as beautiful as their processional tribute to each other!Enjoy!