Northern Wisconsin Life Films: Small moments to cherish

We’re all guilty of it: taking hundreds of pictures or tons of video and uploading them to social media sites, never to see them again.I, personally, am tired of Facebook  being the main archive of my family’s lives.That’s why we’re introducing Sweet Pea Cinema Life Films. Our Life Films take a unique approach to your family’s story. Unlike our wedding films — which follow you on probably the most chaotic, emotional and jam-packed day — our life films slow the pace down. We find a time when everyone’s a little more relaxed and then let the small moments reveal themselves.It’s the sound of your daughter’s voice as she reads a book with you. Or your little boy’s squeal of delight when you push him on the swing.We capture time in a bottle: their little voices and personalities, preserving them for your family archive and we weave the story of how you found each other and decided to embark on the story of your lives.Today we introduce our first Life Film, “Madison Rose,” which features the 10-month-old daughter of Mitch and Misti, who is growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We are so honored to have captured this moment in time of little Maddie’s life, and love how emotionally open her parents were in telling the story of how their family began.Enjoy!