Perfect Toast for Incredible Sikh-Christian Fusion Wedding

The perfect toast is a rare thing.

When a speaker manages to fully illustrate the blissful union of two people, well, you have a masterpiece on your hands.

And so it was at Kim and Aplinderjit’s wedding celebrations at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin and Gesu Church at the end of April.

The perfect toast came during the very last hours of the very last day of four continuous and beautiful days of celebrating the union of a stunning and gracious teacher and her handsome and charming accountant.

The perfect toast came after a colorful and buoyant sangeet, which is a traditional Sikh party that introduces both families and is a wonderful display of singing and dancing, as well as the jaggo ceremony, which finds favorite aunties carrying a symbolic lighted oil lamp while they dance.

And we can’t forget to mention the amazing Indian cuisine from Bollywood Grill as well as DJ KSR, one of the chillest spinning artist we’ve met, who nonetheless unleashed next-level tunes with ground-breaking and infectious Bhangra tracks until the dance floor could hold no more.

The perfect toast also followed another day that began before dawn to properly celebrate a Sikh wedding ceremony, including the groom’s pre-ceremony preparation and rituals, arrival to the church in a hotrod BMW, teasing negotiations to enter the temple and an exchange of garlands between relatives.

After the groom and bride each made their own stunning entrances into the temple, the ceremony began. After sacred verses were repeated, the wedding couple walked around the Holy Scripture four times. Kim’s brothers, cousins and dear friends escorted her in this walk, as AJ took the lead. At the end of the ceremony, a small treat was offered to all guests before everyone headed into another amazing luncheon of delicious traditional Punjabi food.

The couple’s perfect story also included one more day: a joyous Catholic ceremony held at Gesu Church on the campus of Marquette University, where these two met.

We loved the message the priest delivered: that two people from two religious backgrounds could not only make a beautiful life together, but could merge two communities that would support them throughout their lives. And seeing Kim walk up that impossibly long and stunning aisle at Gesu took our breath away!

And then it was on to the reception where hundreds of cherished family members, friends and acquaintances were treated to amazing food and hospitality … as well as a not-so-welcome spring snowstorm.

And now to the perfect story

As giant snowflakes floated down from the sky, covering everything in a blanket of white, that’s when Kim and AJ’s perfect story unfolded.Bibek, one of two best men took the microphone and began to talk about a moment in time when he knew that AJ was going to make Kim his wife, and it was a profoundly moving moment for both men.

And for everyone in the entire room.

You see, AJ had his love on his mind and was worried that blending their religions and cultures was a lot to ask of someone. But Kim – determined, energetic, honest and kind – was more than up to the task, embracing everything and everyone in every way. You could see it in the way she looked at AJ during the long days of parties, dancing and rituals: I’m in this. I’ve got this. I love you.

So Bibek’s story is the centerpiece of Kim and AJ’s Sneak Peek, which we have to admit is one that is soooo filled with beauty, action, love and emotion, that it takes our breath away every time we watch it – and as we edited it!




Planner: K’s Events

Photographer: Tres Jolie Photography

Bride and Groom prep locations: Groom’s family home, Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Downtown

Sikh Ceremony & Luncheon: Sikh Temple

Catholic Ceremony venue: Gesu Church on Marquette University Campus

Day 3 Reception venue: Italian Community Center

Indian Catering: Bollywood Grill

American Catering: Bartolotta’s


Florist: Bel Aire Flowers

Cake: Simma’s Bakery

Bride and Groom’s Punjabi attire:  Wedding Arts, Patiala, Punjab, India

Bride’s gown: Eva’s Bridal Center

Bridesmaids attire: Birdie Grey

Groom’s suit: Indochino and The Tie Bar

Bride’s hair & makeup: A. Samara Beauty

Bride’s mehndi: Moniza Abbasi

Wedding jewelry: Blue Nile and Rohr Jewelers

Transportation: Trinity Irish Pubs

Luxury Car Rental: Turo Cars Check out another amazing fusion wedding!