Personal Vows: The good, the fun and the wonderful

You’re planning your wedding ceremony, and your officiant asks about your vows. Traditional or personal?Speaking publicly about why you love your partner? In front of everyone?Does that idea thrill you or freak you out?

Telling your story your way

If the idea of declaring your love gives you goosebumps (in the best way), we can wholeheartedly say that you will never forget taking the time to write down what your partner means to you and then pronouncing them publicly.  We love this example at Chandra and Davon’s wedding at Villa Terrace. This is just the tiniest portion of their vows, especially Chandra’s which were recited in Spanish as well as English, but you get the idea. This couple’s words to each other were genuine, heartfelt and oh so unique.

Traditional is fine!

But what if you are having a more traditional ceremony, in a church for instance?Alexina and Garrett felt their ceremony at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy  wasn’t the best venue to get mushy and lovey-dovey. At least not for them. So, they decided to give each other beautiful, personalized toasts at their reception. These tributes to each other were amazing, and I can tell you that everyone enjoyed every minute of their stories, accolades and gentle jokes about each other. You can get just a taste of them in this sneak peek.

Out of sight!

But what if there’s just no way you’re going to make ANY public pronunciations of your love for each other? You’re not a public speaker and the idea makes you quiver?Have no fear! There’s a great way to express your deep devotion and excitement about your wedding day to your partner that doesn’t involve any performance. We love it when our couples write cards or notes to each other for their wedding day. It’s a way to have that quiet, personal moment that conveys so much meaning. This is exactly what we mean with Mirella and Kyle’s wedding day prep time. you have it: The good, the fun and the wonderful way of adding genuine, heartfelt emotion to your wedding day.What are you considering when choosing between traditional and personal vows? We’d love to hear!Cheers!