Everyone’s story, location and timeline are unique.

The number of hours you want filmed and the length of your Cinematic Film will determine your investment.

Every package includes:

A Cinematic Wedding Day Film

This is a “Hollywood”-style highlight of your wedding day, which can range from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the length you select.

Documentary films

We include “real time” edits of your Ceremony, from processional to recessional, and Reception Key Moments, including entrance, toasts, cake-cutting, formal dances and any other big events.

Sneak Peek & Insta-Peek

Your Sneak Peek and Instagram Peek will be delivered within two weeks of your wedding to share with those who couldn’t attend your wedding, and so that you can relive that great day as soon as possible.

The Best Gear

Industry leading full-frame HD cameras, exceptional audio capture, gimbals, sliders and an array of lenses that let us get exactly what you want.

Experienced & Professional Crew

Always Cindy & Dean, but we will also hire an assistant (within our own budget) if we feel your wedding itinerary demands more coverage.

Music Licensing

We feel it is important for all artists to be paid for their work, so we exclusively use music from licensing sites.

Drone Coverage

Cindy & Dean are both licensed drone pilots, meaning we can fly legally to capture stunning location shots as well as epic romantic scenes. Note: Drone coverage is dependant on FAA compliance and weather conditions.

Investment Details

Sweet Pea packages start at $4100, and on average couples spend about $4500-$5000.

For complete details on pricing, please call or fill out our contact form.

Here’s how that investment breaks down:

Our time

We work for about 65 hours directly on every wedding shoot, everything from the first call or email, through the wedding day shoot and editing, to the final package that gets shipped to you.

Additionally, there are indirect tasks that support each wedding film, such as marketing, billing, research and others that account for an additional 15-20 hours.

Gear worth $30,000-$40,000

We use industry-leading gear to capture your wedding film in ways you can’t even imagine. The cameras, lenses, audio recorders, lights and stabilization equipment that we bring to most weddings costs between $30,000 and $40,000.

The cost of doing business

Every business has a list of fixed costs needed, such as insurance, internet, paper and cell phones that support our work. Each job is assigned a small percentage of these costs.

Education & Training

The techniques we’ve learned and skills we’ve developed are from industry giants like Ray Roman and Pen Weddings, which mean we’re telling your story in ways that most companies don’t even consider. You’re also getting our experience — and that means we’re anticipating the action on your wedding day rather than reacting. And that’s why our films have so much heart in them.