WEDMKE + Sweet Pea Cinema = Fun

When you step into Turner Hall for WEDMKE, the vibe of  hundreds of concerts played in the space still lingers.

It’s electric.

It also could be the buzz of 50-plus vendors chatting with couples who are exploring ideas for their weddings.

Sweet Pea Cinema doesn’t participate in many wedding shows. To be honest, wedding shows are not the best forum to showcase wedding videos. There’s too much fun, commotion and definitely a lot of noise.

Audio is such a key part of our films that we always tell wedding show visitors that they need to experience our videos in a quieter moment, perhaps in front of their computer or smart TV with a bottle of wine. Ahhh!

WEDMKE: So Much to Love

But we do love WEDMKE, and we’ll keep going as long as we are invited.


Because they have great live music.

AND because the vendors are creative local artists and business people who are dedicated to their craft and to their clients.

AND because we really enjoy talking to couples and basking in the excitement of their wedding planning. If you haven’t spent time around someone planning their wedding, you should. You’ll see tons of smiles and feel the joy of their excitement.

AND because we get to see some of our favorite vendor friends like Tegan from The Paper Elephant, Sally from Milwaukee Flower Co., Emily from Wood Violet Floral Design, Ramsey from Milwaukee Airwaves, Torie and his crew from Sound by Design, Jan from Relics, Tiara’s crew from Events to a T, Elizabeth from Evenement, Dan from Tall Guy and a Grill, Lynn from Saz’s Catering, Elizabeth from Coqui Paperie, Deb from Paperwhites, Molly from Miss Molly’s Cafe & Pastry, Joey from Cranky’s.OK, this list could go on and on and on, so we’ll just link to the rest here.

WEDMKE Taps Creativity

“My favorite part of WEDMKE is seeing what the vendors come up with for their booth designs every year,” said Ann Birkinbine, one of the event’s organizers. “They all get so creative with their space and really show off their personality, so as an attendee you can see who has a style that matches yours and the vision you have for your wedding.”If you didn’t get a chance to attend WEDMKE, check out the video we produced, and definitely get it on your calendar for next year.

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