A GoPro Kind of Sunday

We are gearing up for a phenomenal 2014, and that means a lot of exciting changes at Sweet Pea Cinema. But more on that in the weeks to come.One thing we plan to do a lot more of is to post not only after our great weddings, business commercials and life events shoots, but when the spirit moves us. We’d like to share more of our story and to peel back the curtain on how we work.I gotta say, much of what we spend our time on is testing and practicing with our gear. We have a lot of gear. And just when we think we’ve got EVERYTHING we need to shoot a wedding, small business commercial or another live event — bam! — we realize we need another piece of equipment to get the audio or shot we want.This year, one of the new pieces of gear we purchased is a GoPro Hero3, the tiniest yet most awesome camera out there! We wanted it in our arsenal because Dean is going to be using it for a project in the coming weeks. It’s going to make a great addition to our camera array, for tight places we can’t get our Panasonic GH cameras into and for time lapses. More about this camera here. This afternoon, Dean literally just read the manual and decided to do a quick time lapse in the front yard to check out the images.Normally we wouldn’t waste your time posting this video, but check out the two layers of clouds. They’re going in two directions at once. I’ve never seen that before, and I thought it was an apt metaphor for our often crazy lives — when we’re running around in all directions.I guess that means it’s time to turn off the computer and slow down for a bit.Have a great Sunday, folks!Cindy