True tears of joy in this wedding video

When Sue called to tell me she was getting married, I was so thrilled. I’d been hoping she and Steve would tie the knot after meeting Steve about four years ago. These two are such a lovely couple. Sue is a former newspaper colleague of mine, a creative dynamo with boundless energy and intellect, super funny and endearingly loyal. Steve, an architect, is a tall drink of handsome with an extra shot of calm and laced with a hearty dose of wit. I wanted them to get married after spending about 10 minutes in their company.But it took them a few years, and the wait was definitely worth it, in my opinion. Being a second marriage for both, Sue and Steve wanted to keep the affair simple and earnest. Sue’s children and two dear friends bore witness, and Sue’s daughter made an amazing, double-layer chocolate cake that ended the day on a very sweet note.This short “sneak peek” is a new style for Sweet Pea. It will serve as the introduction to Sue and Steve’s longer wedding video, a 20-minute extravaganza that we genuinely want to be a permanent and loving record of their union. Please come back for the full story in a few weeks.Cheers,Cindy