A rush of love to the head

Before we tumble headlong into wedding season, it’s time to reflect on many of last year’s gorgeous weddings.When we finish a wedding film for a couple, we always take time to look at what we did that worked, and where we can improve our craft and push ourselves to be better artists.And every year, I intend to produce a Highlight of Highlights film to encapsulate our journey through that season of ceremonies, flowers, family and fun.This particular highlight is also going to serve as a promotional video for Sweet Pea, a demo reel for prospective couples to get a super-charged look at our work. Hopefully, they’ll get a feel for what we do, and if they want to see more — and perhaps slow it down a bit — there are plenty of our other films to view on web page and Vimeo.I’d like to thank all our couples for the honor of filming their big day and for entrusting us to tell the story of the start of their married lives together. We enjoyed every minute of filming and editing.Lastly, I’d like to thank voice over artist Amie Breedlove, who I found through Voices.com (a fantastic website to find truly professional voice artists), and song is “We Build Tomorrow” by Teliss, which can be found on AudioJungle (a fantastic resource for music tracks).Thanks for watching, and let me know what you think! Cheers,Cindy