Spring: New growth, new hope and fresh approaches

new_marketing_materialsIt’s Monday and the sun is finally shining here in Milwaukee.I don’t know about you, but I feel energized through and through. Maybe it’s the sunny daffodils waving in the warm spring air, or the trees starting to bud. Could be the six hours of yard work we did on Sunday.Maybe it’s because I’m so jazzed up about Sweet Pea Cinema’s new website.I love it.It’s fresh, it’s clean and it’s our heartfelt way of trying to communicate what we’re all about at Sweet Pea. Stories … great stories all wrapped up in a cinematic visual approach. We know our films make you lean forward in your chair a little bit and hold on until the end, but we needed a new website to help people find them.We have to thank Kevin Kosterman of The Album Factory, who helped us conceive the new website and who took the time to get to know us as artists and business people. He not only came to understand our work, but he figured out our style, which is no easy task when our guidance to him was: simple, clean, bright, meaningful. Kevin also produced an array of print materials we’ll be using this year to spread the good word about Sweet Pea, so don’t be surprised if you find something in your mailbox from us some day.He’s exactly the kind of artist and professional we have come to seek out when we need help with our business: creative, thorough, kind and an expert in his field. He and his toddler son, Ian, who graces the cover of our “Life” pages and materials, can also be highly entertaining. It’s the kind of trust that’s important when you’re embarking on a big, bold change.Please check out the rest of the website, and let me know what you think and if there are any spots you think we can improve upon.Cheers,Cindy