Andrea + Chris: Old St. Joe’s and Tundra Lodge

When we met Andrea in the fall of 2013, we knew we were in the presence of someone special.Soon after our conversations began, Andrea revealed that her fiance, Chris, was serving in the U.S. Army on active duty in Afghanistan.Gulp!We’ve filmed weddings for service members who had retired from the military, but we never had planned a production with someone actively serving. Overseas. In combat zone.Double gulp.But then we met Andrea in person over a glass of wine at Timmer’s Resort. And, boy, did we learn a lot.This young lady’s grace under what had to be a stressful time was a shining example for us. Her fiance, now a Captain and Armor Officer, was in a dangerous place thousands of miles away and she was doing much of the heavy lifting of planning for their fall 2014 wedding at Old St. Joe’s Church on St. Norbert College campus and the Tundra Lodge. And Andrea was the picture of poise, ease and confidence. So of course we knew we had to pull up our britches and concentrate on creating glorious film for them.And then we met Chris, just a few short weeks before their big day when he finally returned home.Again, we were blown away.Chris is not only charming, confident in the best sense of the word, funny and humble, but you immediately see his love for Andrea. We understood why Andrea waited so long for him.It’s hard not to admire these two, and Andrea’s father, David, captured that sentiment best in his welcome speech and toast at the reception.  His message to the couple and their guests seemed to be the perfect audio foundation for Andrea and Chris’ Sneak Peek, which we hope allows you to feel at least a fraction of the love, commitment and character these two have.If you’re interested in knowing more about their wedding details, please see the list of wedding professionals below.Congrats to the newlyweds and enjoy!Cindy