Melody + Justin: Pledging their love

Sincerity can be in short supply these days, but Melody and Justin have it flowing through them, especially on their wedding day.Everything about their big day — which started at RockWood Church in Waukesha and ended at a lovely reception at the verdant Silver Spring Golf Course and Country Club — was so earnest and genuine, from their select bridal party of two to the their first dance song, “When God Made You.” If you don’t know the lyrics, definitely look them up.We also admired their personalized vows during the ceremony. Professional speakers couldn’t have done better. They touched on humor, humility and, of course, the love they share. The look on Justin’s face, when he promised to love, honor, cherish and protect Melody, simply melted our hearts. And it’s why we decided to anchor their Sneak Peek with their declarations of love!And let’s talk a little bit about their reception. We’ve seen candy tables before, but these two outdid themselves in that department. Plus, we’ve never filmed a bubble machine before, and we have to say: LOVE IT! Thanks for something new Kevin from Midwest Sound! Then there’s the dance that Melody and her brother performed. Fun. Entertaining. And just the right amount of goofiness.We can’t wrap up this blog post without a couple of thanks.First to our two assistants, Jayce and Charles. This was our third wedding of the weekend, and their help and creativity definitely kept our creative efforts flowing. Charles is responsible for that excellent motion shot of the newlyweds on the golf course, and Jayce helped capture that pretty epic slow motion ring reveal shot at the end.And we must thank the incredible team from Nikki Winter Photography, including Nikki herself, who were absolutely AH-MAY-ZING to work with. It’s not often you feel such a strong creative kinship!So enjoy this little sneak peek and stay tuned for more joy and beauty in their final project.If you’d like more information about the wedding pros that helped Melody and Justin celebrate their big day, please check out the list below!Congrats to Melody and Justin!Cheers,Cindy