Big Screen Debut is the Best

Big screens are the best way to watch a Sweet Pea Cinema wedding video.

Sure, we know most couples — and their families and friends — first watch everything on their phones. We get it! You want to see it ASAP.

But for the love of all things movie-related, please make sure to watch the whole project on your biggest, sharpest badass TV.

Why? Because when you see all the action, audio and music on a big screen, you will find yourself having plunged head first back into the beauty of a wedding day.

Big Screen Brings Memories to Life

Yesterday, I fired up our massive 75-inch LG plasma flat screen to proof Blu-ray Discs for Katie and Kyle. These two thoughtful newlyweds ordered several copies to give to their parents as thank you gifts for all their help with their wedding at The Landing 1841 in Burlington earlier this year.

There’s nothing I like better than the chance to leave my editing bay in the studio, tromp through the snow to our house, grab a steaming hot cup of coffee, click on that big screen and get ready for the surround sound.

As I sat back, memories of the day came to life.

Gosh, was it hot!!! About 90 degrees and 90% humidity. The sun was out, and the farm and wedding decor sparkled. But we think everyone drank a gallon of water that day. Whew!

I then clicked to watch their Sneak Peek, which featured a beautiful “first touch,” when Katie and Kyle strategically stood so that they couldn’t see each other, but they could hold hands and read private promises to each other.

So much love in that moment … and the rest of the day!

Big Screen Extras

Then I roamed around the disc’s menu, checking their Feature Film, Ceremony, Grand Entrance, Cake Cutting, Toasts, First Dances and Garter Toss. All played beautifully, and brought back even more memories, such as the first dance Katie had with her father, Rick. Spending most of his time in a wheelchair these days, Rick summoned Herculean strength to stand and dance with his daughter.

Tears flows that night, and I got misty-eyed watching it again during this proofing process, even though I had seen this moment many times while editing their film.

There’s something about seeing and hearing the action that puts you right into the moment.

Lastly, I clicked the Bonus Features menu and made sure that extra special edit that I make for every Sweet Pea couple was there, and another feature requested by the couple.

We know most Sweet Pea couples are tech savvy enough to stream their USB and Online Collection files to their big screens. And some couples’ smart TVs actually possess the correct software to play our USBs directly.

But if that’s not the case, just remember: We can always create a custom Blu-ray Disc for you.

And then you can sit back and watch your cinematic masterpiece unfold as it should — on the Big Screen!


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The Team
Videography: Sweet Pea Cinema
Planning: Events by Melissa
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