A Grand Entrance at St. Josaphat Basilica

A grand entrance is a thing to behold.

And when it’s the grand entrance of a stunning bride on the arm of her adoring father as he walks her down the ever-so-dramatic aisle of the Basilica of St. Josaphat … well, it can be downright stunning.

That’s exactly the case for Bridget and Chris, who said their vows this year at Milwaukee’s most stunning Catholic church.

It’s such a beautiful moment that we’re sharing it as part of our Moments of a Lifetime series. It’s just so moving!

The scene starts with Bridget and her father behind the main doors into the church sanctuary.  Bridget holds her father’s arm, but then shivers with excitement.

Guests are standing and waiting. The music cues, and yet there’s still a pause.

The doors open, and Bridget and her father are in the doorway. Bridget’s father pats her arm and the two walk into the sanctuary.

Chris, who has been waiting so patiently at the alter for his bride, sees Bridget for the first time in her dress. His smile is infectious, and the joy is equally evident.

It’s a long walk up that main aisle at the basilica, and you can see Bridget checking in with Chris, and his excitement for her to get to him.

The scene ends with a beautiful camera angle in the balcony of the basilica, which gives you a sense of scale of this beautiful house of worship.

A Grand Strategy

If you’re wondering why this moment has such great emotion and feel to it, it’s because of the multiple angles we filmed.

First, there’s the mobile gimbal camera with Bridget and her father in the entryway. Don’t you feel like you’re walking right along with them? We also love this camera’s angle later in the scene, when Bridget and her father are a little farther up the aisle and you can see the faces of all the smiling guests who are watching that long walk up.

There’s the front camera capturing the doors open — the anticipation! — and Bridget and her father’s long walk to the altar.

Then, there’s the groom camera, strategically set off to the left and very high to ensure that Chris’ face is captured when he sees Bridget’s grand entrance.

Lastly, back to that balcony camera. This particular angle in this particular church always reminds us of that beautiful wedding scene in “The Sound of Music,” when Maria is walking up that very long church aisle.

Get the Best Shots

If you’re considering videography for your wedding, we always recommend asking vendors how many cameras they use and how they place them in order to get the best shots!

We hope you enjoyed this Moments of a Lifetime video!

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