Blue sky wedding for Liz & Chris at Milwaukee Country Club

It’s Debut Day for Liz & Chris, who were married earlier this month on a bright sunny Saturday at the Milwaukee Country Club in River HIlls amid a small outdoor gathering of close family and friends.

We will always remember their wedding day as simply brilliant.

It started with perfect weather: A cerulean sky dotted with cotton ball clouds seemed to make the club’s grounds even greener than most late summer Saturdays. Perhaps the lush plants sensed fall creeping in and added an extra green lustre just for the newlyweds.

Then, let’s talk about Liz & Chris, who simply glowed with that special energy that two people in love always have. You could see it in their eyes, which always sparkled at each other, in their ready smiles, and how they always seemed to be within close reach of each other throughout the day. So sweet!

Thoughtful details

Every detail, too, had been thought of carefully, from the order of the Bible verses read during the ceremony, to the bride’s stunning Sareh Nouri gown to the artfully composed floral designs from Wood Violet. Owner Emily and her team created a stunning focal point design – on site on the day of the ceremony! – to frame the bride and groom as they said their vows. We adored the bride’s delicate bouquet that gave a nod to an arrangement carried by a certain elegant British royal, 😊

Two incredible moments stood out for us on a day filled with beauty and love. First, when the couple saw each other in their wedding attire during their first look on a picture perfect bridge on the golf course grounds. Wow! We never – ever – get tired of recording reactions when a wedding couple sees their partner all decked out for the first time. Pure love and joy.

The second wonderful moment came when Liz and Chris said a socially distant and loving hello to Chris’ grandmother, who was tucked safely to the side during the outdoor festivities. It was touch and go for her to attend, but every precaution was taken to keep grandma safe!

Congrats to the newlyweds, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

The Team: