The Team – Choosing a Wedding Videographer – Part 2

The team is the next important factor in choosing the right wedding videographer.

All things being equal — for instance, the gear used to record your wedding — what truly makes or breaks a great wedding film is the person behind the camera.

Team Experience with Gear Matters

We know our gear inside and out, and I can’t tell you how important that is when filming a wedding.

Lighting and audio change dramatically throughout a wedding day. We absolutely have to know how to adapt to different settings and troubleshoot to ensure that we’re capturing everything correctly.

An inexperienced shooter who doesn’t have mastery of their gear will simply miss a ton of moments, or they’ll be out of focus or overexposed, making the final product unwatchable.

Having a full gear kit with the right cameras, audio recorders and lights is no small feat. On average, we bring about $25,000 in gear to every wedding shoot, and we think that investment shows in our final product. A videographer with just one camera is simply not going to get the depth and breadth of our coverage.

Team Experience with Itineraries Matters

If you’re considering a friend or non-professional to capture your wedding day, you might save a lot of money, but you might also lose a lot of memories.

We’ve filmed nearly 100 weddings, and we are experts at understanding the flow of a wedding day so that we are anticipating the action rather than reacting.

Because of our experience, we also know that itineraries can change on a dime due to weather or mechanical issues. No problem! One of our favorite moments at a wedding was when the party bus broke down, and we worked with the photographer to use that time for some great candids and romantic shots!

Team Experience as Professionals Matters

You can be assured that we’ll act in a matter befitting of a wedding. We dress appropriately and blend in like flies on the wall, yet still capture every moment. It’s only years of experience and confidence in our ability and gear that allows that kind of approach.

Next week, we’ll share the last important factor when choosing a wedding videographer.