For Fathers, A Wedding Gift of Time

Fathers often are the silent sentry of a wedding. Calm, steady and always ready with an arm to escort their daughter down the aisle.

That processional moment can be a doozy for dads. Seeing their daughter for the first time in a stunning gown? And there are plenty of nerves jingling, thinking about escorting her up the aisle to her waiting groom.The emotions — and tears — can flow.

That’s why we love first looks with fathers. It’s a special moment, usually just before the wedding ceremony, when a dad gets to see his daughter, give her one last hug and kiss before she becomes a married woman, and let feelings flow in a more private setting.

Take Megan and her father, Mark. Megan couldn’t wait to show off her ensemble to her dad just before the ceremony at Grand Geneva earlier this year. And as expected, tears of joy fell as the two embraced. Once the waterworks slowed, Megan’s mom, Darlene, joined, and a tight, loving hug was just the ticket to set this bride walking confidently down the aisle. And the moment gave Mark time to gather his thoughts and excitement.

Tips for a special moment with fathers

So, if you know your father might need a little extra time to take it all in, schedule a first look with him. And if you do, here are a few tips on making the most of that moment:

  • Time! Don’t rush this moment. We suggest allotting 15-20 minutes to get all the hugging, admiring, compliments and more hugging done. Make sure to also give yourself enough time to touch up makeup and get to and ready for the processional.

  • Tissues: Grab a handful of them because in our experience the bride and the father tend to need them. (Brides: Make sure to blot, not rub, or your makeup artists will not be happy with the streaks that could result).

  • Water: Tears and emotions can lead to dry eyes and mouths, so make have water on hand to hydrate. Besides, it’s really the last moment either one of you will get a refreshment before the ceremony.

  • Gift: Consider a special gift or card for your father. Dads are known for their generosity on a wedding day, and we can’t tell you how awed fathers are when brides or grooms present them with a gift to thank them for all their love and support.

What if a father first look isn’t in the plan? You can also show off your amazing ensemble to your attendants and, of course, to your groom. Planning a big reveal to those closest to you is a wonderful moment of joy and excitement. So, definitely consider it when crafting your perfect wedding timeline.

We hope you enjoy watching a few of these fabulous Father First Looks from our Sweet Pea weddings, and don’t hesitate to comment, email or call if you have questions about a first look with your dad.Cheers!CindyCheck out our reviews!