Beauty in flowers and time lapses photography in Milwaukee

Some photographers travel the globe. Others are rooted in one place, turning their lenses on subjects all too familiar. And is there anything more rooted than flowers?We’re working on a project this year that’s very close to home. I’m going to be vague posting a bit today, because I don’t want to give too much away of the topic or story. I’m greedy that way!This project, however, is requiring me to master the art of time-lapse videography, and so far, I’m loving it!We’re taking thousands of images of flowers blooming because our project has a lot to do with blooms. I’ve always appreciated the art of time lapse photography and videography, but wasn’t interested in learning the intricacies of capturing those images.

An expert but not at flowers

One of my absolute artists in this field is Robe Whitworth, a Brit who travels the globe capturing the most amazing time lapses for Turkish Airlines, the government of Dubai, the BBC Natural History Unit and Nike. You can check out his fantastic work here.My company primarily captures time lapses for our event films: glorious landscapes and cool establishing shots of venues.My husband and cinema partner, Dean, loves night time lapses, and he loves tackling the challenge of location, light bleed, gear and energy sources to get a great shot. And while I’ll cuddle up in a blanket and join him (likely napping when the capture goes well past 1 a.m.), I never loved the work of it.Until now. I’m obsessed in showing these blooms in their full glory, and that means a ton of experimentation in lighting, gear and the flowers themselves. They all bloom at different rates, and they all move — extremely subtly and slowly — in different ways.If you enjoy this time lapse at all, you’ll want to stay tuned for our larger project later this year!Cheers,Cindy