Genius of WEDMKE wedding show

Genius isn’t a word I use often, but when it comes to WEDMKE, it fits.

Genius – Wedding venue with history

First, this wedding show is in the historic Turner Hall Ballroom, which always makes me feel like I’ve stepped onto a “Dr. Zhivago” set. Like many of the grand buildings in that 1965 Oscar-winning film, the ballroom is a Milwaukee jewel, even if netting covers the ceiling lest plaster rain down on heads below. From it’s gymnastics club beginnings to its current incarnation as a live-music and event space, Turner Hall has just the right historical charm for couples who want something completely different.

Genius – Wedding pros with unique talents

Second, the organizers of WEDMKE put a premium on showcasing truly unique wedding pros and their work is intensely local or simply put: the most creative of what Milwaukee area has to offer. That means you’re not going to find cookie-cutter anything. Wedding gowns? Handmade. Sweets? Baked specifically for you. Cinematography? Hand-crafted and devoted to your wedding story. This group of artisans will go the extra mile to bring your vision to life in ways you can’t even imagine.

Genius – Music concert vibe

Third, did we mention fun? Turner Hall is a live music venue, and you’ll hear plenty at the show. Sure, the bands playing make it a smidge harder to chat, but it’s a worthy trade-off, even if it means we’ll have froggy voices on Monday. Plus, the full bar is open for the entire show, which can be an oasis of calm in a busy room. So if your significant other needs a reason to come along, they’ll find plenty of local brews and spirits to take the edge off.

Before I started participating in wedding shows, I was petrified about the idea of “selling” Sweet Pea. But at our very first show, I realized that I never had to hawk. Attendees want to find out about our process and discover the creativity that makes Sweet Pea couples over the moon about their wedding films.

The other thing we adore about the few wedding shows we do is that engaged couples can do a ton of planning and idea-gathering in a short amount of time because so many businesses are gathered together for their convenience. And there’s nothing better than hearing, touching and seeing real invitations, flowers and wedding films. So much more rewarding than scrolling through Pinterest!

We hope we’ll see you at this truly unique — and genius — gathering of artisans! And if you can’t come down to see us, make sure to check out this beautiful Sneak Peek filmed at Turner Hall for Victoria and Patrick last year.

Cheers, Cindy!