5 Reasons to Attend Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride Show

Before I roll out the “5 Reasons to attend Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride Show,” I’m going to be candid. I am not a fan of typical wedding showcases.

Why? Because these events usually are jammed beyond belief and so loud you can’t hear yourself think, much less have a genuine conversation with anyone about their wedding. Overwhelmed attendees can’t discern who’s offering what or if a certain aesthetic or idea might work with their goals.

But wait, you say. Isn’t this an entire blog about attending a bridal show?Yes it is, but the Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride show on March 4th at the Pfister Hotel is not your typical wedding show.

When we step into the hotel’s gilded ballrooms, we are transported into an elegant space that offers plenty of room for everyone to wander at their own pace. The ambiance allows for attendees to see — and hear — all of the great wedding options gathered specifically for them.

MMB: Pros Know What They’re Doing

MMB is the brainchild of David Caruso of Exciting Events, Debi Zeinert of Blooming Quill and Kate Iggens of Stone Manor Bridal and Wingman Formanwear, three pros who know what they’re doing. The workshops, vendors and theme are designed to offer Milwaukee-area brides (and grooms!) the very best in wedding trends, decor, planning, jewelry, stationery, photography, lighting, music, gifts, travel, florists, sweets, venues, attire, hair & makeup and catering.

Oh, and the best videography, too.

This is only one of two wedding shows we participate in (more on WEDMKE next week). That’s it! Two public chances to say hello and see if we’d be a good fit for your wedding day. The chance to talk with a couple about their hopes and dreams for their wedding day are one of the things we actually like about attending wedding shows.

And did I mention the free champagne? Or the grand prize giveaway? Or the swag bag?

MMB: 5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Wandering in the Pfister. If you haven’t been to this iconic landmark, it’s simply a must! After roaming the ballrooms, partaking of the show, jet up to BLU for a Bloody Mary and the most beautiful view to contemplate all that you’ve seen and what you want to incorporate into your wedding.

  2. Seeing the best in wedding ideas. If you’re tired of scrolling Pinterest for ideas, this is the spot. You can see, touch, smell, taste and hear what’s available and what can be dreamed up for your wedding.

  3. Meeting incredible wedding pros. Including Sweet Pea Cinema. Need I say more? 🙂

  4. Free champagne. Bubbly always makes me happy! And if you’re of age and have your wristband, a glass of champagne will be at hand.

  5. Grand prize. Each bride (or groom) will be given a key, and one of those hundreds of keys will unlock a special case containing a signature piece of jewelry.

We’re so honored to be part of this group of vendors, which we consider among the very best wedding pros in the region. We know weddings are a huge investment in time, energy and money, and we can say with certainty that you can put your mind at ease when working with this crew. All of them have the experience and can-do attitudes to go above and beyond for your big day.

See you there!

Cheers, Cindy