Danielle + Michael: A Meadowbrook Country Club wedding

There’s nothing like a sweltering day in August to remind you of the good things in life. Maybe like a cold beverage, shade and a helping hand when facing a big event.Danielle and Michael certainly had all those points covered on their wedding day, when the temperature gauge went north of 85 degrees and the humidity was, oh, about 99 percent. But this couple came prepared with plenty of ice-cold water (and other beverages!) and an army of friends and family to help ease the burden in the heat.It was apparent how these two have become quite a team over the course of their courtship, and that joining of two hearts and minds was symbolized in a couple of unique events during their celebration. The first was when they performed the ate el nudo, a Latin American tradition of braiding a rope to represent a union of two lives along with God.  Tying the knot, to be exact.The other was the presentation to Michael of a Dallas Cowboys jersey, signed by Wisconsin native and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who also happens to be a member of the Meadowbrook Country Club, where Danielle and Michael’s wedding and reception were held.Danielle didn’t miss out on presents, either. Michael gave her not one, but two cards and a delicate heart necklace and keepsake jewelry holder to remind his gorgeous bride that she always has his heart. And we loved that Michael’s daughters were among the beautiful array of lovely bridesmaids.And Michael’s personal message to his bride on their wedding day made my heart simply melt. It’s why I made it the foundation of their Sneak Peek. What a truly lovely couple!If you’d like more details on the wedding pros that helped Danielle and Michael make it happen, see the list below.There is, of course, much more beauty to come. So like us on Facebook if you’d like updates on the newlyweds’ project!Cheers,Cindy