Megan + Patrick: A Pier Wisconsin celebration

The word “super” aptly describes the wedding and reception of Megan and Patrick at Old St. Mary in downtown Milwaukee and Pier Wisconsin at Discovery World.A true supermoon — that’s when a full or new moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth and that heavenly body appears to be larger than normal — rose in the sky that night. It was a spectacular sight to see.Megan and Patrick are pretty spectacular, too. So thoughtful, kind and full of life. We got misty-eyed ourselves as we watched the newlyweds’ emotions build during their ceremony, and our thoughts turned to the special items that Patrick carried in his pocket: a picture of his late father and his dad’s watch. What a thoughtful and meaningful gesture.And Megan is a life force unto herself. We can’t recall the last time a bride wanted to start her wedding day so early with calming and strengthening yoga. Impressive!And those bagpipes at the end of the ceremony? Talk about a joyful noise!Then it was on to their reception, which was one of the most beautiful we’ve seen, absolutely brimming with stunning flowers, sparkling crystals in softly glowing lights, and spectacular food and beverage from Bartolotta catering.All night, guests seemed to want to stay in the newlyweds’ orbit, to bask a little longer in their glow.Megan’s dad, Mike, captured their spirit so well in his toast that we thought it only fitting to anchor their Sneak Peek with some of his thoughtful words. In fact, we specifically made sure that all parents were represented in the Sneak Peak, because we know how much they all mean to Megan and Patrick.Of course, there’s so much beauty and joy yet to come in their final film, but we’re loving this early glimpse.If you’re interested in some of the other wedding pros that helped Megan and Patrick pull off such a glorious night, check them out below.Congrats to Megan and Patrick.Cheers,Cindy