A joyous New Year’s Eve wedding

I heard some advice recently that touched my heart, and I can’t help but think about the couple whose wedding video I’m debuting today from their ceremony on New Year’s Eve at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan.The words are from a priest, who said that he believes there is just one simple standard by which we will all be judged for entrance into heaven: how much love we create while living in this world.I was pretty blown away by that statement, which rattled around in my brain for several days.I kept thinking about my own life and actions. Am I loving enough? Do I create more love and joy than chaos and tears in my small sphere? And is it possible for me to become more loving, more embracing, more joyous?Then I met Barb and John, and I knew exactly what those words meant.These two are clearly in love. And they are dedicated to each other in ways that most couples couldn’t even fathom. About two years ago, John suffered a medical complication that has affected his entire life, and which requires grueling physical therapy five days per week to this day. Despite the considerable challenges this couple face, Barb and John have committed their lives to each other and were beaming with joy as they exchanged vows and throughout their romantic and fun wedding celebration.In fact, these two wanted to share so much love that their New Year’s gathering was the second they hosted to celebrate their union. The first was a destination wedding in Mexico a few weeks earlier, which reflected their sense of adventure and penchant for travel. But they also wanted to share their big day with family and friends who couldn’t get away to their tropical destination. So, a second celebration was in order. And while Barb wondered aloud to me whether it had been a bit crazy to plan two celebrations so close to each other (and over the holidays!), the smiles, laughter and tears of joy on the faces of their guests told me they’d made the right decision.New Year's Eve wedding Wisconsin Wedding videoUntil their full cinematic film is complete, we hope you enjoy this short Sneak Peek, which features some stunning decor at Lake Lawn that had been decorated to the hilt for the holidays, as well as the beautiful words of officiant Rev. Marcia Boyer, who led one of the most stirring and personal ceremonies we witnessed last year. We also have to thank the fabulous Matt Mason, who is an outstanding photographer and super collaborator, as well as DJ Dann Smith, who gave us one of the cleanest audio feeds we’ve had in 2014 and which is so important to our storytelling. And if you’ve never been to Lake Lawn, get thee there this summer. It’s a gorgeous resort hugging the shore of Delavan Lake.Cheers,Cindycindy profile pic II     If you’d like more details about the wedding professionals who helped Barb and John celebrate, please follow these links:Lake Lawn Resort: Kelly Pohle Officiant: Rev. Marcia Boyer Photographer: Matt Mason, of Matt Mason Photography Florist: Fontana Flowers DJ: ACA Entertainment, Dann Smith