A Mother’s Day Tribute

On a wedding day, a mother is the one who zips up your dress. Helps calm your nerves. Hands you a tissue to catch tears of joy.

Or she’s handed you a family heirloom to give to your bride. Or she’s pinning the boutonniere on your tux. Straightening that tie.

On a wedding day, moms do what they do best: anything and everything to make their children happy.

Mothers and all they do

We love moms at Sweet Pea weddings. They run interference, solve problems, greet guests, keep the trains running on time, glow with pride, inhale with emotion trying to keep tears at bay.

A mother’s love is like an extra layer of sunshine, casting a fierce glow over the whole day. Sweet Pea moms have done so much. Like sewing their daughter’s bridal gown, and all the bridesmaids dresses, too. Or creating gorgeous floral centerpieces. Choreographing flash mob dances. Making everyone feel welcome. Smoothing family tensions. Writing and delivering emotional toasts.

Sometimes, a mother’s only presence on a wedding day shines through in a groom’s smile or that certain way a bride brushes a strand of hair from her face. When a mother’s framed picture graces a tribute table, we know the best way to honor her legacy is to find her spirit in the people and emotion in the gathered crowd.

Mothers: Our Favorite scenes

To celebrate Mother’s Day and honor ALL the moms we’ve had the pleasure of working with, we’ve compiled a just a few of our favorite scenes.

Sarah’s mom, Ellen, crafted one of the best toasts we’ve recorded at a wedding. It’s funny, charming and definitely emotional. We knew it was the perfect foundation for this Mother’s Day tribute.

If you’ve had a mom who helped you with your wedding, make sure to give her a really big hug on Mother’s Day, or pick up the phone and thank her (no texts!!)!

And for all the mothers we know and love: Happy Mother’s Day!