Big Surprises in Small Pretty Box

Big surprises: Who doesn’t love them?

I know I love them, and I also like giving them as well. That’s why we send each Sweet Pea Cinema couple a lovely little package containing a hard copy of their wedding project, a decadent treat and a few other surprises.

We want Sweet Pea couples to know that we are thinking of their wedding film from the moment they book us, through the planning process, into the actual event, during the long editing process, and finally when we get the whole thing ready for shipping.

Big surprises call for extra steps

Lots of videographers simply upload files to a sharing site and call it a day. But we know how special your project is, and we want it presented in a way that helps prepare you for the emotional journey that’s contained inside.

It’s just our little way of going the extra mile to show our care and gratitude for couples placing their trust in us to produce their wedding film.

We’ve been super happy to see couples share the arrival of their box on Instagram and Facebook. So … one wonders if it’s REALLY about making you feel special, or about us filling up the well of gratitude in the gesture?

Since we both end up happy, I’d say it really doesn’t matter!

Big appreciation

If you’ve been on the receiving end of a Sweet Pea white box, hit the comments below and let us know what that experience was like, and definitely tell us what it was like to view your film for the first time after you opened the box.If you’re interested in some of the items we use for our packaging, you can check out the list below!

White boxes & Crinkle paper: Uline
Green tissue paper: Paper Mart
Crystal USB drives & Custom box holders: PhotoFlashDrive
Treat: Indulgence Chocolatiers
Tissues: Sweet Pea Cinema