Love Story: Jan & Brian’s is Something Special

Love Story Films are the quickest and most beautiful way for a couple to share the magic of how they met with each and every guest at their wedding at the same time.

Jan and Brian’s Love Story Film had another mission, too: To tell the guests of their vow renewal the harrowing details of Jan’s brain tumor diagnosis and recovery, which began just a few months after their engagement.

Love Story to a ‘T’

Their Love Story started out like many others we’ve filmed:

  • Boy meets girl.

  • Chemistry ignites.

  • Boy asks out girl.

  • First date goes spectacularly badly.

  • Girl and boy give it another shot.

  • Second date goes spectacularly well!

  • Chemistry smolders.

  • Love builds.

  • Sweet daughter Coralie makes a welcome appearance!

  • Boy makes sunset wedding proposal in Door County.

  • Girl says yes!

This Illinois couple were all set for a spectacular destination wedding in Door County, the location of the proposal and where Brian spent many summers as a kid. Everything was coming together, including plans for a gorgeous ceremony and reception at Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor with Door County Event Planners.

And this is where Jan and Brian’s Love Story takes a huge detour.

But we’re going to let you watch their Love Story Film rather than explain everything here. Why? Because the two of them tell their story in their own words far better than we can in written form.

Love a good story

That’s the beauty of telling your own Love Story, in your own way, to everyone all at once. This was especially the case for Jan and Brian, who more than anything wanted their wedding to be a joyous occasion.

We hope you enjoy Jan and Brian’s Love Story Film, which fills our hearts with joy because of the challenges these two have faced and overcome.Cheers,Cindy