Bartolotta Tasting at Pier Wisconsin Makes Us Swoon

If you’re lucky enough to book Discovery World and Bartolotta at Pier Wisconsin for your wedding, you not only will have a stunning event, but you’ll be treated to a preview that is truly special.Every spring and fall, Bartolotta invites couples and their guests to a full-fledged tasting to sample their excellent menu. It’s a dazzling display of food, decor and atmosphere.For the past several years, we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the tastings to support Bartolotta and chat with couples about the magic of wedding filmmaking.And the generous folks at Bartolotta invite us to sample the tasting offerings as well.Let me tell you: It’s amazing.

Our Bartolotta Favorites

Here are just a few of the dishes we sampled and loved, and believe me, we couldn’t get to them all:

  1. Caprese Salad with sliced roma tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella with baby arugula, cracked black pepper olive oil and balsamic reduction;

  2. Braised Short Ribs of boneless short ribs with potato puree, blanched carrots and red wine;

  3. Diver Caught Sea Scallops with asparagus risotto cake and succotash, lacinato kale, sweet corn, red peppers, bacon, chives, citrus butter sauce, garnished with arugula and chili oil;

  4. Parmesan & Ricotta Ravioli stuffed with sauteed wild mushrooms, with a white truffle brown butter sauce, served over sauteed spinach.

I promised myself I would NOT be tempted by Cranky’s donuts or the outrageously delicious wedding cake by Delicately Delicious. But the cake won.

Next Year We Film It

Thanks to our friends at Front Room Photography for sharing images from the event. Next time we promise to bring our gear to show off the event in moving pictures, much like we did for WEDMKE.



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WEDMKE + Sweet Pea Cinema = Fun

When you step into Turner Hall for WEDMKE, the vibe of  hundreds of concerts played in the space still lingers.

It’s electric.

It also could be the buzz of 50-plus vendors chatting with couples who are exploring ideas for their weddings.

Sweet Pea Cinema doesn’t participate in many wedding shows. To be honest, wedding shows are not the best forum to showcase wedding videos. There’s too much fun, commotion and definitely a lot of noise.

Audio is such a key part of our films that we always tell wedding show visitors that they need to experience our videos in a quieter moment, perhaps in front of their computer or smart TV with a bottle of wine. Ahhh!

WEDMKE: So Much to Love

But we do love WEDMKE, and we’ll keep going as long as we are invited.


Because they have great live music.

AND because the vendors are creative local artists and business people who are dedicated to their craft and to their clients.

AND because we really enjoy talking to couples and basking in the excitement of their wedding planning. If you haven’t spent time around someone planning their wedding, you should. You’ll see tons of smiles and feel the joy of their excitement.

AND because we get to see some of our favorite vendor friends like Tegan from The Paper Elephant, Sally from Milwaukee Flower Co., Emily from Wood Violet Floral Design, Ramsey from Milwaukee Airwaves, Torie and his crew from Sound by Design, Jan from Relics, Tiara’s crew from Events to a T, Elizabeth from Evenement, Dan from Tall Guy and a Grill, Lynn from Saz’s Catering, Elizabeth from Coqui Paperie, Deb from Paperwhites, Molly from Miss Molly’s Cafe & Pastry, Joey from Cranky’s.OK, this list could go on and on and on, so we’ll just link to the rest here.

WEDMKE Taps Creativity

“My favorite part of WEDMKE is seeing what the vendors come up with for their booth designs every year,” said Ann Birkinbine, one of the event’s organizers. “They all get so creative with their space and really show off their personality, so as an attendee you can see who has a style that matches yours and the vision you have for your wedding.”If you didn’t get a chance to attend WEDMKE, check out the video we produced, and definitely get it on your calendar for next year.

Want more? Check out the 2018 WEDMKE

Get Married in Milwaukee, Seriously

Engagement season is winding down, which means wedding planning is in full swing.

As quickly as the word “yes” is uttered, planning begins in earnest. And while all those decisions a couple makes for their perfect day can be incredibly fun, they also can prove stressful.Enter Married in Milwaukee, which connects you with the best and (honestly!) nicest wedding pros in the area.

Engagement, Then What?

Married in Milwaukee (MIM) is an incredible resource for newly engaged couples. Its website features all the best wedding vendors, and it’s extensive: from barn venues to glitzy ballroom affairs, from flower and bridal shops to invitation designers and cinematographers.

Angela and Greg Quigley are the brains behind Married in Milwaukee, and I’ve been honored to work with them for several years.

We love the passion that Angela and Greg have for MIM, and it shows in the great information they produce and the countless couples they’ve helped along the way. We love, too, that they’re another married couple working hard together and serving customers with their talents.

Awesome People

“We’ve gotten to know so many amazingly creative people while doing Married In Milwaukee over the past 7 years of our business,” Angela says. “… We love running a business that promotes these awesome people and the work they do.”

One of the MIM’s most popular features is the Wedding Cost Breakdown, where real brides and grooms share their experiences and budgets. Check it out:

MIM also keeps you informed on all the local bridal shows, where you meet the vendors and find just the right people to help you create the wedding you’ve been dreaming about.

And like Dean and me, Angela and Greg bubble with enthusiasm over our great city. “We love Milwaukee so much and feel so lucky to be in a place where we get to talk about all the awesomeness our MKE has to offer,” Angela says. “We get to tell the story of LOVE in this rad city!”

Make It Happen

In life, we find our best selves when we are surrounded by the people who embrace us. Weddings are similar. Surround yourself with people who embrace your visions for your big day and you’ll create a wedding day to be remembered.Married in Milwaukee can help make that happen.

Engaged and Ready to Plan? Check it out!

Our inbox is being bombarded with so many newly engaged couples, and it’s super fun to start planning amazing wedding films for many of them.

This week is also fun for us because it bookends our favorite wedding shows: Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride, which was last Sunday, and WEDMKE, which is this Sunday.

Both shows put you in touch with wonderful wedding professionals. And I’d definitely put Sweet Pea Cinema in that category.And both shows offer completely different vibes.

MMB puts on a show for all engaged

MMB is hosted at the Pfister Hotel, one of Milwaukee’s most elegant places for a wedding. Vendors at this show pull out all the stops to show what can happen in the Pfister’s elegant ballrooms. This show has been happening for 14 years, and the quality shines through. Attendees are greeted with champagne and passed hors d’oeuvres. Beautiful models in gorgeous dresses and tuxes saunter through the aisles.

WEDMKE offers a bit of an ‘edge’

WEDMKE is one of the upstart wedding shows in the city. Launched three years ago, it bills itself “as individual as you are.” WEDMKE is hosted at Turner Hall Ballroom, definitely an uncommon space for a wedding. The ballroom’s soaring ceiling — crumbling and shabby chic — can be just the right fit for a couple with a bit of edge to them. You can grab a Bloody Mary and stroll the aisles starting at 10 a.m.

Win a trip to Cancun!

I may be burying the lead here, but if you attend this show, you will be eligible to win a Honeymoon Giveaway to Cancun from LovinAway! With the horrible weather we’ve been having lately, I’m thinking of entering the contest myself. KIDDING!If you haven’t seen either of these grand locations, take a peek at the accompanying video from Alyssa and Joe’s wedding. The two had their bride and groom prep at the Pfister, and boy did those spaces really showcase these two!And we hope to see you at WEDMKE this Sunday.Here’s our coverage of last year’s WEDMKE show.

Big Screen Debut is the Best

Big screens are the best way to watch a Sweet Pea Cinema wedding video.

Sure, we know most couples — and their families and friends — first watch everything on their phones. We get it! You want to see it ASAP.

But for the love of all things movie-related, please make sure to watch the whole project on your biggest, sharpest badass TV.

Why? Because when you see all the action, audio and music on a big screen, you will find yourself having plunged head first back into the beauty of a wedding day.

Big Screen Brings Memories to Life

Yesterday, I fired up our massive 75-inch LG plasma flat screen to proof Blu-ray Discs for Katie and Kyle. These two thoughtful newlyweds ordered several copies to give to their parents as thank you gifts for all their help with their wedding at The Landing 1841 in Burlington earlier this year.

There’s nothing I like better than the chance to leave my editing bay in the studio, tromp through the snow to our house, grab a steaming hot cup of coffee, click on that big screen and get ready for the surround sound.

As I sat back, memories of the day came to life.

Gosh, was it hot!!! About 90 degrees and 90% humidity. The sun was out, and the farm and wedding decor sparkled. But we think everyone drank a gallon of water that day. Whew!

I then clicked to watch their Sneak Peek, which featured a beautiful “first touch,” when Katie and Kyle strategically stood so that they couldn’t see each other, but they could hold hands and read private promises to each other.

So much love in that moment … and the rest of the day!

Big Screen Extras

Then I roamed around the disc’s menu, checking their Feature Film, Ceremony, Grand Entrance, Cake Cutting, Toasts, First Dances and Garter Toss. All played beautifully, and brought back even more memories, such as the first dance Katie had with her father, Rick. Spending most of his time in a wheelchair these days, Rick summoned Herculean strength to stand and dance with his daughter.

Tears flows that night, and I got misty-eyed watching it again during this proofing process, even though I had seen this moment many times while editing their film.

There’s something about seeing and hearing the action that puts you right into the moment.

Lastly, I clicked the Bonus Features menu and made sure that extra special edit that I make for every Sweet Pea couple was there, and another feature requested by the couple.

We know most Sweet Pea couples are tech savvy enough to stream their USB and Online Collection files to their big screens. And some couples’ smart TVs actually possess the correct software to play our USBs directly.

But if that’s not the case, just remember: We can always create a custom Blu-ray Disc for you.

And then you can sit back and watch your cinematic masterpiece unfold as it should — on the Big Screen!


Did you know we’re giving away Wisconsin Bride WEDDINGS books?

The Team
Videography: Sweet Pea Cinema
Planning: Events by Melissa
Florals & Catering: Gooseberries Fresh Food Market
DJ: Sound by Design
Gown: Maggie Sottero Designs
Menswear: Mens Wearhouse
String Ensemble: Wedding and Events String Ensemble
Calligrapher: MJ Creative Co